Red Roof Inn

Save 20% off Red Roof Inn's Best Available rate. Reserve your Room Online Call (800) 733-7663 and mention VP+/Promo Code 610467

Reserve Your Room & Enjoy Your Stay

Red Roof Inn is ready to serve your business' needs. Red Roof Inn's cheap prices and quality rooms means that you won't be breaking the bank to afford a comfortable room.

Red Roof Inn: Save 20% off the Best Available Rate

Save 20% on Your Red Roof Inn Stay

With more than 340 Inns in more than 35 states, Red Roof Inn can accommodate you and will save you 20% on your hotel room just be using VP+ number 610467. This additional value is available only when booking with, but keep in mind every time you stay at a Red Roof Inn, you'll save 20% off the Best Available rate.

You can get started by reserving a room online through Just make sure that the VP+ / ID # field is filled in with number 610467. If you prefer reserving your room over the phone you're in luck. Call Red Roof Inn at (800) 733-7663 and mention volume plus number 610467 and that same 20% discount is yours!

Save, Without an Advanced Reservation

Don't have a prior reservation? Red Roof Inn can accommodate you, and you'll still get your 20% in savings. During check-in at the Red Roof Inn of your choice, mention volume plus number 610467 and you'll get the same savings you get with an advanced reservation.

Why You'll Love Staying at Red Roof Inn

  • Their comfortable beds
  • Their selection of great coffees, giving you a kick start to your day
  • Their prices, made even lower with VP+ number 610467
  • Their devoted staff who are happy to help

* Discount code cannot be used for stays at New York, New York (Manhattan) location or Branson, Missouri location.